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*** The release of my new album "Firecracker" will be Thursday,
*** October 1st!  This will also feature the release of my first
*** single "No, No More!"  This song is written about the issues
*** of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual abuse!  I am 
*** excited to get this message out to the world and looking to
*** create awareness about these issues!  My new music video
*** for the song "No, No More" will be released to the world on
*** October 1st as well! ... Luv, Nya!   

*** Some exciting news after months of discussions we have decide
*** that the title of my new album will be "Firecracker!"  The song
*** "Firecracker" turned out to be a rock'in song with a great video
*** to support it!  The release date will be announced in the coming
*** weeks!  We did give consideration to an alternate title but decided
*** I wanted a upbeat name that everyone could relate too!  
*** "Firecracker" will be exploding near you soon! ... Luv, Nya!   

*** Exciting days ahead as we have completed the filming of 
*** "No, No More" and "Firecracker" music videos to support
*** the release of "All American Girl!"  Nya Entertainment is proud
*** to work with Ramasola Production on both videos!  More 
*** news on a release coming soon!                                                   

*** BIG day tomorrow Friday August 7th as we film my music video
*** for my new song "No, No More!"  Thanks for all the 
*** support and looking forward to a fun day!  Please "Like" my
*** FaceBook and join my YouTube to get my newest videos first!

*** Some exciting news as all my vocals for my new songs are now
*** done!  Final mixing and mastering will be completed in the next
*** few weeks!  We will be shooting 2 new music videos in support
*** of my new release "All American Girl!"  The videos will
*** feature my new talented dancers!  Check out my new dancers
*** below Zoe and Mary Morgan plus a new talent who I will
*** introduce to all my fans in the next few days so check back 
*** to find out who she is!  Find me on Facebook and YouTube
*** under Nya Marquez and please join and "Like" my page!     

*** Nya Entertainment would like to congratulate Zoe Nelson for her
*** selection to perform the solo routine in Nya's up coming video
*** and live performances of the song "No, No More!"  Zoe is a very 
*** talented, blessed dancer and performer! Whose star will shine
*** bright on and off the stage!
  Whenever she competes, Zoe is
*** one of the top placement finishers!  The song "No, No More" is
*** written about the issues of domestic violence, child abuse and 
*** sexual abuse.  Once the song is released proceeds from the song 
*** and video will be donated to the National Abuse Hotline.
Nya is 
*** hoping to end the violence and through her song, video and 
*** performances she hopes you will join along with her in saying
*** "No, No More"!  C
heckout Zoe's videos, pictures and bio on 
*** her page.  Click here... 
Zoe Nelson. 
*** Nya Entertainment would also like to congratulate Mary Morgan Smith
*** for her selection to join Nya Entertainment!  Mary Morgan is a very 
*** talented blessed dancer and performer! Whose star will shine bright
*** on and off the stage!   Mary Morgan will also be performing as a back
*** up dancer for Nya on her entire live performance.  Nya Entertainment
*** will also showcase her talents with solo performances as well!  
*** Whenever she competes, Mary Morgan is one of the top placement
*** finishers!  Mary Morgan has demonstrated the talent and abilities to
*** earn the selection as the backup to Zoe Nelson when needed for the
*** "No, No More" performances.  Checkout Mary Morgan's videos,
*** pictures and bio on her page.  Click here... 
Mary Morgan Smith. 
*** More exciting news coming soon!  Nya's new album "The All
*** American Girl" is to be released mid Summer including the hits:
*** "No, No More", "Firecracker", and "Till Next Tuesday!"  We will also
*** shoot 2 music videos to support the new album!  Those videos will
*** be for the songs "No, No More" and "Firecracker!"  Nya Entertainment
*** will also be involved in fundraisers in support against domestic 
*** violence, child abuse and sexual abuse!  Nya and her dancers will 
*** be performing at major sporting events as well as other venues
*** starting in 2015!  More exciting news on our involvement and
*** performances coming soon!

Nya- "Hop n Shake"

Hop n Shake

by Nya

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Hop n Shake; Artist: Nya; Written: by Nya Marquez, co/written by Nick Marquez; Instrumentals: by Victor Clark; Produced by Nick Marquez

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